for the future, today.

We’re at the forefront of next-generation technology, crafting groundbreaking brain-computer interfaces to achieve the impossible.

What is NerveRift?

NerveRift is the company connecting the human brain to a computer. Here are the capabilities we’re exploring right now:

Ever wanted to play a game with your mind? We’re working on it.
Watch a movie?
Want to watch a film, control your TV, or change the channel without moving a muscle?
Communicate without speaking?
Friend or family member unable to speak? We’re working on a solution.

“We’re building the innovation for tomorrow, today.”

Arsen Shkrumelyak, CEO at NerveRift

Our History

We’re on a mission to innovate the world

On the 13th of March 2019, the founders came together with the idea to build something never before done. A brain-computer interface that would allow people to interact with technology in a way that was never before possible.

Since then, we’ve spent years researching and developing the technology to make this possible.

And soon, we’ll be ready to share it with the world.

Years of research

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